11月になり突然、季節がかわったように寒くなってきましたね。CHESは今月も寒さを吹き飛ばすような楽しいActivity😍が満載です。Topicが「Food」に替わり、まずは「食べ物」が口からはいっていくところから確認していきました。そして「インターナショナル料理」を体験。月末には「Thanksgiving Day」。どんな食べ物がでてくるのか、いまから楽しみです。

This time: food!

November has begun, and we said goodbye to Halloween, our topic of imagination, and our creative storybooks. It was time to move back into a topic where we would learn all sorts of new things about the world.

Food is important because it comes from nature, and it makes us who we are. We need to eat every day, and we need to think about the kinds of food we put in our body. There are many options for food, but many of them are not healthy. It is not always easy to know which is which.

We began last week with an introduction, looking at all different kinds of foods and what categories to put foods in. We learned that GO foods give us energy, GROW foods give us muscles, and GLOW foods give us vitamins! We talked about how we have balance in our meals, and why that’s important.




And the best way to understand what is happening in our bodies, especially with food, is to learn about what happens in there!

We traced one of our friends and put his outline on the wall. This would be our body model. By working together, we colored and cut out the organs that go in the body. We learned about what they each do, and what system they belong to. We know there is much more, but this is a good start!


Our focus was on cooking

This week, our focus was on cooking. Some foods are better cooked, and some you don’t need to cook. But, one thing is certain: cooking foods change them. Maybe it changes their color, their texture, their shape, or their taste! We know that chemical changes happen inside the food. Cooked fish and sashimi are different foods, and have different nutritional value!


As an experiment to look at chemical changes, we brought back the vinegar and baking soda reaction we used last year for the volcano. This time, we would be seeing how to make CO2, the gas that comes out of our lungs when we breath.

We added some vinegar to the bottle, and then put some baking soda into the balloon. We attached the balloon to the top of the bottle, and then tipped it in!


What do you think happened?

There was a bubbly fizz, and the vinegar mixture rose upwards! That wasn’t all, though: the balloon began to inflate, even though the mixture didn’t touch it. That’s the air we made! Just by mixing two things, we made something new.

Cooking is similar. By mixing heat and food, we make cooked food, which is often more nutritious and better for our bodies.

泡のような泡が立ち、酢の混合液が上に上がっていきました。混合液が風船に触れていないにもかかわらず、風船が膨らみ始めたのです。これが私たちが作った気体! 2つのものを混ぜるだけで、新しいものができたのです。料理も似たようなものです。熱と食べ物を混ぜることで、私たちは調理された食べ物を作るのです。

International Cuisine.

Another of our talking points this week was International Cuisine. That is, foods and recipes from other countries. We talked about famous foods that we might know in Japan that originally came from somewhere else.

One thing we talked about was how different countries use different utensils to eat their food. Chopsticks are common in Japan, but rare in Canada and America. Similarly, you can eat a steak with a fork and knife in Japan, but forks and knives are the most common way to eat food in North America! Some countries commonly use their hands to eat meals. Everyone is different!



A fun game

As a demonstration, we took some food toys, some chopsticks, and some big spoons. We would try and move the food from one bowl to another to see which would be easier or faster. It turned out to be a fun game!

By the end, we saw that chopsticks were much better for grabbing long or flat foods, but round foods slipped away easily. Spoons were better for small and round foods like the fruit and tomatoes. Different utensils are great for different jobs. Maybe the best way is using whichever is best for the meal!


From next week, we will continue with our topic of food, but also start thinking about what will happen in December. Let’s enjoy the rest of the year as the weather finally cools down.

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Berridge Sean



Yellow Kangaroo・Blue Birdクラスの園児たちには、お兄ちゃん・お姉ちゃんからクラスの教材「インターナショナル料理」😲ピザのおすそ分けが届きましたよ。一気にクラスのテンションがUp!😄

CHES Winter Holiday Class参加者募集開始のお知らせです。

今年のCHES Winter Holiday Classのテーマは、エリック・カールの「The Mixed-up Chameleon」です。誰かのようになりたくて、カメロンが次々と自分の色を変える物語。

アクティビティでは、色を混ぜたり、絵を描いたり、実験をしたりします。最もエキサイティングなのはゼリー作りです。ゼリー作りは5日間をとおして、1日1色ずつ色を加えていきます。昨年「プリ・クラス」で実験した「Rainbow Water」のような出来上がりは、きっとサプライズに!


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