Rainbow Water and more about our bodies

Good afternoon everyone!

This week went by quickly.  We are partway through November, so we have already discussed a lot about eating and foods. We know all about go, grow, and glow foods, and we also know why we cook some foods and no other foods.

The body model in our classroom is growing as well. This week, it got a tongue!

We talked about the tongue because it is important for eating. It helps us to taste, and also makes saliva, which helps the stomach digest the food.

We built our own food pyramids too. These are pictures that show what foods we eat every day, a few times a week, or only sometimes. What foods do you eat every day?

We also learned about a few other food families that are interesting to us. We learned about dairy and grains, two important families.

Dairy is food that comes from cow’s milk, such as yogurt, cheese, butter, and more! Grains are food that come from grains grown in a field, such as rice, wheat, and corn.

We learned that food can change when we cook it. There is a chemical reaction. For example, bread turns brown and crispy when we toast it. Eggs turn white and become hard.

Today, we took that idea and did some experiments with that. Our first experiment was to see what happens when we mix sugar and water.

First, we could see the sugar and water were separate. But as we mixed it, the water turned white.

Then, the water became clear again! Where did the sugar go?!

So now, we have some water that has sugar hiding inside it. What would happen if we made different cups of water with different amounts of sugar inside?

The bigger one would be heavier, wouldn’t it?

Maybe… we could make rainbow water?

We added more and more sugar. 2 scoops? 4 scoops? …10 scoops? 20 scoops?! After about 10 scoops, the sugar would not disappear anymore. It was too much for the water.

We added food coloring so we could see the different layers of water. The red/pink water was the heaviest, so we put it on the bottom. It took some tries to get it right. Our first experiment ended up with the water mixing together almost right away.

After we added more sugar though…

Wow! We did it! Rainbow water!

The yellow coloring was not so strong, so it turned a bit green. But we can still clearly see the difference between the green and yellow-green layers. It looks like jelly, but it’s just water with sugar! The layers piled up like magic.

Tomorrow, we will try a different experiment with eggs and vinegar. Look forward to that.

That’s all for now. We will continue learning more and more about food and our bodies.

See you tomorrow!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher
Berridge Sean


今週はあっという間でしたね。 11月も半ばに差し掛かり、食事や食べ物について、たくさんのことを話し合いました。また、なぜある食品は調理し、他の食品は調理しないのかも知っています。









そして、また水が透明になりました お砂糖はどこへ行ったのでしょう!




どんどんお砂糖を入れました。2杯? 4杯?  10杯? 20杯? 10杯くらいで、もう砂糖が消えなくなりました。水に対して砂糖が多すぎたのです。



うわっ!  やったー!  虹色の水ができました。





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