Little Hands Project 2023 Start!

White Owl / Red Fox Class

The week is almost over, and its nearly time for Golden Week. How has everyone been doing?

With the weather changing so much, we have great opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities. When it is rainy, we stay in the classroom and find other things to do! One of the other things we did during the rainy days was begin another craft.


This time, we wanted to bring our garden wherever we went, so we decided to make an article of clothing! Can you guess what it will become? It is green like grass, and adorned with flowers and butterflies…

Here’s a big hint:


Little Hands Project 2023 Start!

When the weather was nice again, it was time to head back to the real garden!


This time, we were planting flower seeds. If you remember, last year we planted flowers specifically for Ukraine, forming the Little Hands Project.

To make it a tradition, we are continuing the activity and intend to host a charity bazaar again. That means we need to work hard to take care of our plants!


With our little hands, we filled the pot with soil, poked a hole, and buried the seed. We thought about what we learned in the class, and how to take care of something delicate. We needed to make sure we completed all the steps with care.


When it was done, we had a whole tray of planted seeds that were just waiting to sprout! We made sure to give them a spray of water. From next week onwards, we are going to have to take turns volunteering to water them.

Let’s do our best to make a wonderful garden!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Berridge Sean


Blue Bird Class

Yesterday, we went to the park and saw many plants and flowers. They were so beautiful.

After park time, we planted our own flowers. We can choose between Marigold and Sunflower. Most of us chose Marigold. The seed looked different from the others. It was interesting for us.

For our flower plant, we need to water it, put it under the sun and let the wind or air make it breathe. We can say hello or good morning every morning before going up to the room. Mom and dad can see it too!

After that, we painted something in our craft book. We used our imagination for sun, air, water and soil. What do plants need? We can check the book and enjoy.


We also have the Children’s Day craft. The koinobori family is there.

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Maris


Yellow Kangaroo Class

こちらは、Yellow Kangarooのこいのぼり。指先の細かい作業もずいぶん上手になってきましたよ。

みんなで作ったこいのぼりはCHES Parkで泳ぎ出しましたよ。

International Preschool CHES
Deputy head teacher
(Elementary School English Teaching License)
Masami Morimoto


👉 Little Hands Project for Ukraine
👉 子どもたちの小さな手で「ウクライナ人道危機救援金」に寄付ができました!
👉 毎日新聞さんが「プリ・クラス」の活動を記事にしてくださいました!
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