3 Fun-Filled Learning Days(本当に楽しく、学びのある3日でした!)

(ここに私が書くのもおこがましいのですが、本当に楽しくて学びのある3日間でした! こんなに素晴らしいActivitiesを提供できる先生、そして、時にはゲラゲラ、時にはちゃんと、課題に参加し学べるCHESの園児たち、みんな本当に最高です。後段に日本語訳も添付していますので、ぜひ、画像とともにこの3日間の「プリ・クラス」の活動をお楽しみくださいね)

Good day!

These past 3 days, Blue Bird, Red Fox, and White Owl combined classes. We did a lot of fun activities!

Day 1:

For circle time, we learned new songs and dances. We had so much fun! Some of the new songs we sang were:

  1. Punchinello from Wee Sing
  2. Don’t Stop Baby Bot Dance
  3. Rocketship Run

After singing and dancing, we chose 3 random picture cards and made a story together. We used symbols and drawings once repeated words were erased. It tested our memory and helped us connect shapes and pictures with the words. The students were trying their best to pitch in their own ideas to finish our story.

For gross motor activity, we went to CHES park. We exercised and had various obstacle course.

We had an art activity after going to CHES park. We made our own ladybugs in blue, red, and yellow. Yes, Blue Bird already did this, but together, all 3 classes started everything from scratch. They were taught how to fold the paper neatly vertically and horizontally.

They were also given the freedom to draw the shape of the ladybug, its head and legs, and the leaf by themselves. After cutting out the craft, they designed and colored their ladybugs and leaves.

Day 2:

The students wanted to make another creative story, so instead of writing it this time, we brainstormed. Writing down our ideas helps us see everyone’s suggestions. This helps us decide which ideas to input in our story through voting. Since they had a feel of how to make a creative story the previous day, the students were more confident and vocal in throwing in their ideas.

Their story was funny and hilarious. This time, it’s about a dog who got their teacher’s hat. The dog wore the hat going home and ate bone using chopsticks. With just 3 keywords, the students were able to build a story together. It was fun brainstorming together!

After circle time, we practiced the thinking routine called ‘Zoom In‘. Zoom in involves closely paying attention to details in each section of a photo. The photo is gradually revealed one section at a time and the students are encouraged to share and describe what they see. As more sections of the photo are shown, the children can voice out their ideas and deductions about the image.

Once the whole photo is seen, the students can ask questions about the image. In short, Zoom In opens our minds and lets us know that we can change our thinking once we see the bigger picture!

Our Zoom in photo was a butterfly. Its pattern was unique and something we have not all seen before yet. We actually thought it was a Moth at first. However, Mr. Sean double checked and found out that it was actually a Peacock Butterfly!

We were so curious, so we discussed more about it. We also looked at its videos, including its metamorphosis. Even its caterpillar was black, which is different from the usual caterpillar that we know of.

Our curiosity led us to using the microscope we have in school. We looked at many different things, such as flowers, our skin, and microscope slides. This was a literal zoom in of smaller objects!  Thank you Ms. Maris for helping us set-up the microscope.

After our viewing activity, we worked on the Mindfulness Bug coloring paper. The small lines increases our ability to pay attention to details and improves our focus. It makes us more conscious and careful with our coloring and design as well.

Day 3:

Since we enjoyed looking through the microscope yesterday, we decided to go to the park to look for bug parts and other plants that we would like to see through the microscope today. We got so many things such as figs, cicada wings, feathers, and leaves.

The most interesting one was the fig. We sliced the fig and we saw a baby bug (perhaps a wasp, according to Mr. Sean) eating the insides of the fig. It was super interesting to see something happening through the microscope because we can hardly see it with our bare eyes.

We also looked at the praying mantis and grasshopper that Ms. Masami and Mr. Tai caught. We can see their legs and face clearly through the microscope. Here are some shots we took directly from there.

To cool off from this summer heat, we had a Sensory/Art activity called Ice Painting. It was fun mixing the watercolors and coming up with new ones that are different from the original colors that we had. Painting soothed and calmed our soul in the middle of summer.

We talked about how it was nice to see the ice melting together with the watercolor. We can see rainbow-like colors also as the paint mixed together! They looked so pretty.

We ended the 3rd day by answering the ‘I Spy’ bugs worksheet.

We had to count how many of each bug there were in a paper. It was a bit confusing, but we all finished it. We helped each other!


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この3日間、Blue Bird(年少)、Red Fox(年中)、White Owl (年長)クラスの3クラス合同授業が行われました。楽しいアクティビティーをたくさんしましたよ。



  1. Punchinello from Wee Sing
  2. Don’t Stop Baby Bot Dance
  3. Rocketship Runです。



CHESパークに行った後は、アート(美術)のアクティビティ。青、赤、黄の3色のてんとう虫を自分たちで作りました。Blue Bird(年中)クラスのみんなはすでに作っていましたが、3クラス合同で一から作りました。縦と横にきれいに折る方法を教わり、てんとう虫の形や頭、足、葉っぱも自分で自由に描きました。切り取った後、てんとう虫と葉っぱをデザインし、色を塗りました。










好奇心旺盛な私たちは、クラスにある顕微鏡を使うことにしました。花や自分の肌、顕微鏡のスライドなど、さまざまなものを見て回りました。これは文字通り、小さいものを拡大することです。 顕微鏡のセッティングを手伝ってくれたマリス先生、ありがとうございます。





Ms. MasamiとMr. Taiが捕まえてきたカマキリやバッタも見てみました。足や顔など、顕微鏡で見るとよくわかります。そこから直接撮った写真を紹介します。

この夏の暑さを涼しくするために、アイスペインティングというSensory Art(感性アート)のアクティビティを行いました。水彩絵の具を混ぜて、元々持っている色とは違う新しい色を考えるのは楽しいことでした。ペインティングは真夏の私たちの心を癒し、穏やかにしてくれました。



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