Another experiment

Another thing we did in the class was experiment with some different kinds of plants we might encounter. We looked at some examples from the park, from wild grass, to flowers, to pinecones, and even a carrot!

We discussed them and looked at them, and finally, added them to colored water. The plan was to see if they would be drinking the water, and if that would change their color.



This takes time too, so we left it and planned to check back later. Sure, enough though, by lunch time, some colors were changing!  We could see the white flower was already tinged with red. By 2:00, the grass was changing as well.

It was clear to see that plants interact with the world around them! We will check back again tomorrow, and see if there are any significant changes.

これも時間がかかるので放置し、後でもう一度確認する予定でした。予想通り、お昼頃になると色が少し変わってきました! 白い花がすでに赤みを帯びているのがわかりました。 2時頃には葉も変わり始めました。


Carefully watering

Ever since Tuesday, we have been keeping our eye on the experiments we performed. We have seen lots of changes happen, such as the leaves and petals of the flower turn very red! We saw the dry pinecone open up all the way, and the wet pinecone stay tightly shut.

We have been carefully watering the grass seeds, making sure they stay moist. Some changes take time.

火曜日以降、私たちは行った実験に注目してきました。葉や花びらが真っ赤になるなど、たくさんの変化が見られました! 乾いた松ぼっくりは全開に、濡れた松ぼっくりはしっかりと閉じているのが見えました。


Where can we find carrot seeds?

For now, your homework: we couldn’t find any seeds inside the carrot we cut open. Where can we find carrot seeds? And a hint if you need it: remember, carrots are the roots of the plant!

In topic time, we have been answering questions about the things we are experimenting on. For example, where do carrot seeds grow, if they aren’t in the vegetable? And how to pinecones open and close if they don’t have muscles?

ここで宿題です。切り開いたニンジンの中に種は見つかりませんでした。ニンジンの種はどこで入手できますか? 必要であればヒントを提供しますね。ニンジンは植物の根であることを忘れないでください。


Changes happening in the park

And of course, we visited the park! The weather was very nice today, and we could see even more changes happening in the park. We were lucky enough to spot some caterpillars too, even though they are well camouflaged with the green leaves!

There were so many flower petals and blossoms falling to the ground. We could really feel like things were changing.

Golden Week has already started! Be sure to take a break, because afterwards, we will be starting a whole new month with a whole new topic.

そしてもちろん公園にも行きました! 今日はとても天気が良かったので、公園内でさらに変化が起こっているのを見ることができました。緑の葉にうまくカモフラージュされていますが、幸運なことに青虫を見つけることができました。






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