Grass Guys? and Plant!

In April, we talked all about living and growing things. We have been paying close attention to the weather lately, because we are reminded about what plants need each day recently. We think about the sun, and the rain, and the air too. When it is very rainy, we stay indoors, and the plants get water. When it is hot, we need to help the plants ourselves.

In our class, we have started experimenting with real seeds and plants. We will be visiting the garden soon enough, but for now, we are doing things in the classroom. What could we plant in the class, that didn’t have roots too deep, and didn’t take too long to grow…?



That’s right: grass!

Have you ever seen grass seeds? They’re not so different from rice. And since grass looks a little bit like hair, we thought we would decorate our “pots” like faces, so we could give them a cool new hairstyle.

This was a fun team activity, and we worked together to make some funny faces to put our grass into. We used clear plastic cups so we could better see inside as changes happen, but one of our students said it might be better too to let the sun reach the plants. Good idea!

Yes, we are also thinking about the different things that plants need. We already mentioned sun and rain. We also need to provide soil, which is an important space for plants to grow in. Air is needed for plants to grow big and strong.

There is a final thing that plants need though, and that is time. Everything takes time to grow, and because of that, we need patience. But before the waiting, we need to do planting!


これは楽しいチーム活動で、草を入れる面白い顔を作るために協力しました。内部の変化がよく見えるように透明なプラスチックのカップを使用しましたが、生徒の一人は、植物に太陽が当たるようにしたほうが良いかもしれないと言いました。Good idea!



Another team activity!

This was another team activity! We worked together and helped each other add soil to the cups. When they were 3/4 full, it was time to add the grass seeds! We took a look at them together. They were very small and thin. We sprinkled them on top of the soil, making sure to spread them out.

Soon, we had little pots filled with seeds. What was left was water, sun, and of course, time.

Hopefully, our grass will grow! We have assigned water duty for everyone to take turns with, checking if the soil is dry and adding water. It is important, because we can’t add too much or too little. We will try our best!

これもチーム活動でした!私たちは協力してカップに土を入れるのを手伝いました。3/4 がいっぱいになったら、芝生の種を追加します。みんなで一緒に見てみました。種はとても小さくて薄かった。土の上に広げて撒きました。



CHES Garden

Today, we started planting vegetables in CHES Garden. It was nice to be involved. We could see the roots of the plant reaching out, and the leaves already sprouting.

We plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelons too. If we are lucky, they will all grow nicely in the coming months.

今日、CHES Gardenで野菜の植え付けが始まりました。参加できてよかったです。植物の根が伸びていて、すでに葉が芽吹いているのが見えました。





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