インターナショナル・プリスクールCHESの新年度は、4月1日からスタート! 新園児のお友だちを迎えて、まだ若干バタついていますが💦今年度も楽しく英語でたくさんの面白いことに挑戦していきたいと思います。みんな、楽しんでいこうね👍

First day of 2024

First day started very exciting! We were feeling really happy and looking forward to start our new classes at the school. It was a busy morning with lots of things happening around! We started with putting away our new things in our new classrooms and saying good morning to our friends.

For the circle time, we gathered all together in the big room to welcome the new school year and also the spring. 🌸We sang the good morning song with big voices and danced together to wake ourselves up completely. Later, we met our new friend and new teacher Ms. Akiko! It is always so exciting and nice to see some new faces in the classroom.


サークルタイムでは、新学期と春を迎えるためにBig Roomに集まりました。大きな声で「Good Morning Song」を歌い、みんなで踊りました。その後、新しいお友だちと新しい先生のMs. Akikoに会いました!教室で新しい顔を見るのは、いつもわくわくして嬉しいものです。

CHES Groud Rules

Before we started checking the attendance, we talked about our new classes and made sure to know it correctly. Later, we talked about school rules as well! Because it is a new school year, it is always a good idea to go over the things that are important to us in the school. We talked about the four important rules to follow in the class and discussed why they are important and why we should make sure to follow.

After going over the things that are important, we decided to read a book all together before we head to the park. It was a giant book that Mr. Sean started reading!


大切なことを確認した後、公園に行く前にみんなで本を読むことにしました。Mr. Seanが読み始めたのは巨大な本!

Different emotions

It was about different emotions and we thought that it would be a good choice to start with since we go through many emotional changes when we start a new school year. In the book, we encountered many different types of feelings and behaviors. We discussed the meanings and tried to understand why we feel those certain type of feelings and why we act in certain ways.

The book was really fun to read and we enjoyed it reading all together. After that, we decided to go to the park since the weather was really nice! We did not want to miss out this chance and it was a really good start to the new school year. We put on our blue hats and grabbed our tea bottles. We hit the road holding hands tight and taking care of each other.


この本は読むのが本当に楽しくて、みんなで楽しく読みました。その後、天気がとても良かったので公園に行くことに。私たちはこのチャンスを逃したくなかったし、新学期の本当に良いスタートとなりました。私たちはBlue Hatをかぶり、お茶のボトルを手に取りました。しっかりと手を握り、お互いを気遣いながら出発しました。

Let’s go to the park

At the park, we ran a lot and spent so much energy! We played with our friends and used the slide many times. The slide was especially the small kids’ favorite. 😊

We enjoyed playing nicely with the nice weather and took care of each other even when playing.

公園ではたくさん走って、とてもエネルギーを使いました!私たちはお友だちと遊んで、何度も滑り台を使いました。特に滑り台は小さな子供たちに人気 😊


Lunch Time

After the park time, we head to the school and had our lunch. We were so hungry after running around for such a long time. We separated the classes and started eating the yummy lunches that our mothers prepared for us!


After lunch

When the lunch was finished, we all started doing our paperwork in our classes. Even though it was the first day of the school, we made sure to be hardworking.

Each class had their own tasks to do and they were focused to follow the instructions by the teachers.

Later on, we sang our goodbye song and finished the day happily. We were so glad to see that everyone seemed to enjoyed their first day here in CHES.

It is always a joy to come back together and start new journeys.

昼食が終わると、私たちは皆、クラスでPaperworkを始めました。入学初日でしたが、みんな一生懸命頑張りました。各クラスは自分の課題を持って、先生の指示に集中して取り組んでいました。その後、Goodbye Songを歌って楽しく一日を終えました。みんながここCHESでの初日を楽しんだようでとても嬉しかったです。


We have many exciting things coming on the way

We are hoping to spend a splendid school year all together that we learn, grow, play and enjoy building even stronger friendships.

We have many exciting things coming on the way for this year too! We already buckled up and we are ready for another adventurous school year in our school.

Please look forward to it, thank you so much!

International Preschool CHES
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