The topic of February is “jobs”!

The topic of February is related to buildings and vehicles: jobs! A good way to bridge the topics is to think about emergency vehicles and who will drive them. Firefighters, ambulance doctors, and of course, police!

The police from Tarumi Station visited us with a lesson about road safety. This is an especially important lesson for White Owl, as they will be graduating soon, and may be walking to elementary school on their own.

Before the police visited though, we prepared with a bit of a costume change. Since we were getting better at making headwear from the New Year’s dragons, we decided to try on police hats this year! We measured the bands before designing, coloring, and cutting out the hats.

Some of us went with a classic black and blue design. Others added many colors, or even drew little images on the brim. We really had quite a variety!

With the preparation complete, we were ready to greet the real police! We were excited in the morning, knowing they would come soon. We made sure to tuck our shirts in, fix our collars, and look as nice as we could be. We practiced full-body listening and reviewed our classroom behavior.


垂水署の警察官が交通安全についての授業のために来てくれました。この授業はWhite Owlにとって特に重要な授業です。なぜなら、White Owlはもうすぐ卒園、自分の足で歩いて小学校に通うかもしれないからです。




Police had arrived

Before long, they had arrived! They greeted us and complimented us on our apparel. It seems like we did a good job!

After that, we had a fun and engaging lesson on traffic lights, signals, and how to cross the street. It involved some cards, some characters, and even some magic! One student was chosen to perform the trick. Even she doesn’t know how she did it!

We made sure to put four important rules into our head for crossing the street. The steps go like this:

  1. STOP!
  2. Look right, then left, then right again.
  3. Raise your hand, and open it wide.
  4. Cross the street nicely and carefully.

There was other advice too, like to wait if the light is blinking, or to listen for car noises. These are things we always try to do when going to the park. They are good to remember any time you are outside!




  1. 止まる!
  2. 右を見て、左を見て、また右を見る。
  3. 手を挙げ、大きく開ける。
  4. 道路をまっすぐに慎重に渡る。


Our good friend Ken-chan!

We also had a highly-anticipated visit from our good friend Ken-chan! Ken-chan made sure that we remembered the rules… even if Ken-chan forgot!

We then watched a short movie about everything we had learned. We learned how to do a salute with our right hand. We said thank you to the police, and we even got to see their equipment and a real badge because we were so good!

We took special pictures in front of the patrol car before they left. We hope they will come back next year!

Police are a part of our community. From today, we will be focusing on community helpers and plenty of other jobs too. Let’s learn more about the world around us and the people in it.







そこで、今回「小学生の間に英検準2級をめざすCHES Saturday Class」を開講し、単なる「英検対策」ではなく、基礎的な英語のルールを「学ぶ姿勢」、とっさに反応できる「英会話力」、自分自身の思いを「声に出せる思考力」も育み、お子さんの将来に活かせる英語学習を身につけることをめざすことにしました。

目標達成にはまず基礎的なルールを確実に学び、同時に練習する必要があります。そして、もしも目標を1つ達成することができれば、その「How to do」と「 What to do」が身につき、応用していくことで他の課題の目標達成にも役に立ち続け、お子さんの将来に活かせるはずです。

「小学生の間に英検準2級をめざすCHES Saturday Class」の詳細については、👇こちらをご参照ください。



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