Preparation for the Setsubun Day

Today, it was a special day for us to celebrate. We talked about Setsubun and enjoyed our day here at the school.

Yesterday, we started our preparation for the Setsubun day by crumpling some newspaper. We worked together and prepared a good amount of “crumpled paper beans” to throw it to the Oni if it comes and visits us here.

It was hard work but as teams, we were able to finish getting prepared successfully.


Our preparation was not completely finished with preparing the balls to throw. We also came up with some crafts ideas and everyone prepared a special craft for this day. White Owl and Red Fox used some watercolor paint and paper plates to create their Oni masks. They painted them blue or red and gave their Oni some curly hair. Some masked turned out to be really scary and some masks were cute 😊

Blue Bird prepared their own head bands as their Oni. Everyone used their imagination to create Oni. Some drew horns, some drew a very scary mouth to make them look as scary as possible! But in the end, we still had some Oni who looked cute anyway. Later, we put them on to check how scary we look.

私たちの準備は、ボールを投げる準備だけでは終わりません。工作のアイデアも考え、全員がこの日のために特別な工作を用意しました。WhiteとOel Red Foxは、水彩絵の具と紙皿を使ってオニのお面を作ることに。青や赤に塗り、巻き毛をつけた。本当に怖いお面もあれば、かわいいお面もありました😊

Blue Birdは、オニのヘッドバンドを用意。みんな想像力を働かせて鬼を作りました。ある子は角を描き、ほかの子はできるだけ怖く見えるように口を描きました!でも、最終的にはみんなかわいらしい鬼が出来上がりました。その後、鬼のかぶり物をして、怖さを確認しましたよ。

On the Setsubun Day

On the Setsubun Day, for the lunch time, we did the tradition for this day gathering up all together. We ate Ehoumaki by looking at one direction all together and keeping it quiet until everyone finishes eating. Everyone understood well what they needed to do and kept quiet.

Later, we prayed for health and happiness. After that, all of us enjoyed eating lunch together. Some of us kept going for more Ehuomaki since it was super yummy. Eating it with friends made it even more enjoyable.



Chase the Oni!

The last part for us was to chase the Oni away from our school! We heard that downstairs, at the CHES park, there was Oni waiting for us. We were not scared because we were already prepared. We went down and got our newspaper balls ready to throw them to Oni!

Everyone said go away Oni while throwing the balls. We saw three Oni at the CHES park but we were able to chase them all away successfully. There were even some points for us to get by throwing the balls to Oni and being able to hit them successfully. After chasing the Oni away, we checked how many points we got and it was a lot! We put on our masks, head bands and acted super brave to chase the Oni away! At the end, we were safe and happy!

Overall, it was a fun and nice day to remember. We all enjoy doing fun activities together with friends and celebrating special days. We keep looking forward to what comes next!

最後は、CHESからオニを追い払うことです。1階のCHES Parkでは、オニが私たちを待っていると聞いたからです。すでに準備はできていたので、怖くはありません。1階に降りて、新聞紙を丸めたpaper beansをオニに投げました。

ボールを投げながら、みんなで「Go away Oni」と言いました。CHES Parkでは3匹のオニを見かけましたが、全員を追い払うことができました。オニにボールを投げてうまく当てることができれば、ポイントがもらえるのです。鬼を追い払った後、何点取れたか確認すると、かなりの点数でした。お面をかぶり、ヘッドバンドをつけ、超勇敢に鬼を追い払ったのです! みんな無事で幸せでした。


Setsubun Day of Yellow Kangaroo

The most exciting part for this week. We ate Maki Sushi. Teacher taught us to roll and push the ingredients in the Nori. We should be strong so the sushi will be yummy!

And for this year, the direction is East North East 2024. We be quiet and ate properly. It was tasty! We tasted the egg, cucumber, crab meat and carrots.

Finally, we played the Oni Game again. This time we had more friends. Playing is either winning or losing so we need to accept the result. We should be sports too.






そこで、今回「小学生の間に英検準2級をめざすCHES Saturday Class」を開講し、単なる「英検対策」ではなく、基礎的な英語のルールを「学ぶ姿勢」、とっさに反応できる「英会話力」、自分自身の思いを「声に出せる思考力」も育み、お子さんの将来に活かせる英語学習を身につけることをめざすことにしました。

目標達成にはまず基礎的なルールを確実に学び、同時に練習する必要があります。そして、もしも目標を1つ達成することができれば、その「How to do」と「 What to do」が身につき、応用していくことで他の課題の目標達成にも役に立ち続け、お子さんの将来に活かせるはずです。

「小学生の間に英検準2級をめざすCHES Saturday Class」の詳細については、👇こちらをご参照ください。



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