1月から新しくお友だちを迎えたので、Yellow Kangarooのクラスは特にバタバタしていましたが、ここにきて各クラスともようやく落ち着いて1月のTopic「乗り物と建物」を楽しめるようになってきました。寒い日が続きますが、CHESの子どもたちは😄元気いっぱいです。

Yellow Kangaroo

For this week, our topic is about Water Vehicles. What go on the water? What go in the water?

We had our craft and its name is “Rock You!” boat.

It looks so cute but its cuter when we play it and show it to our family. 🙂 Let’s enjoy all the crafts that we are doing. They did it with love!

今週のトピックは「水の乗り物」です。水の上を進める乗り物はなにかな? 水に入れるものは?

その名も「Rock You!」 Boat。

見た目もかわいいけど、遊んだり家族に見せたりするともっとかわいいですよ。子どもたちのすべての工作を楽しんでください。Yellow Kangarooのみんなは愛情を込めて作ってくれました!

Blue Bird

Last week is already over! We spent the last two days in the week by talking about some special vehicles. We talked about Space vehicles and what is inside! Everyone was so shocked when they learnt about gravity and floating in space. We talked about how long astronauts need to stay in space and what they need in a spaceship.

We discussed if they can take a shower, how they eat and exercise. We watched some videos to understand better and what we have seen was so interesting! Because there is no running water in the spaceship, they need to use sanitary wipes and use a special shampoo for their hair. They have to exercise a lot too!

We also completed a worksheet activity to choose the correct names of the vehicles. It was a piece of cake for them! 🥳



また、乗り物の正しい名前を選ぶワークシートも行いました。Blue Birdにとっては朝飯前です!🥳

Red Fox / White Owl

At CHES, we are getting deeper into our topic of vehicles and buildings. This week, our focus was on the planning of a city and how everything gets put together. One of the most important things to consider in any situation is safety, and that is certainly true for cities.

To make CHES city, we started with how to get there: roads! Roads connect us to other cities and people. They bring others to our city.

Then, we added houses – places where people can live. This includes apartment buildings too. And if people are living there, they need amenities, or places that offer important things to everyday life.

We brainstormed up a list of things necessary (and unnecessary) for a city:

  1. – Schools and libraries
  2. – Hospitals and clinics
  3. – Parks
  4. – Aquariums and zoos
  5. – Hotels
  6. – Supermarkets and convenience stores
  7. – Gasoline stands
  8. – And parking lots!

By extending our roads, adding shops, bridges, and more, we had a city. What do you think?


CHES Cityをつくるために、まずそこへ行く方法、つまり道路から始めました。道路は私たちを他の都市や人々とつないでくれます。道路は他の都市や人と私たちをつなぎ、私たちの都市に他の都市の人を運んでくるのです。



  1. – 学校と図書館
  2. – 病院や診療所
  3. – 公園
  4. – 水族館や動物園
  5. – ホテル
  6. – スーパーマーケット・コンビニエンスストア
  7. – ガソリンスタンド
  8. – そして駐車場!

道路を拡張し、店を増やし、橋を架けるなどして、私たちはCHES Cityをつくりました。どうでしょうか?

We enjoyed playing in CHES park too on days too cloudy or rainy to go out. In the summer, we made a jungle to explore. Now, we decided to make our own city!

A subway tunnel, a river for boats, and even an amusement park! It was lots of fun.





そこで、今回「小学生の間に英検準2級をめざすCHES Saturday Class」を開講し、単なる「英検対策」ではなく、基礎的な英語のルールを「学ぶ姿勢」、とっさに反応できる「英会話力」、自分自身の思いを「声に出せる思考力」も育み、お子さんの将来に活かせる英語学習を身につけることをめざすことにしました。

目標達成にはまず基礎的なルールを確実に学び、同時に練習する必要があります。そして、もしも目標を1つ達成することができれば、その「How to do」と「 What to do」が身につき、応用していくことで他の課題の目標達成にも役に立ち続け、お子さんの将来に活かせるはずです。

「小学生の間に英検準2級をめざすCHES Saturday Class」の詳細については、👇こちらをご参照ください。



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