8月になり、CHES「プリ・クラス」のTopicは「動物」に変わりました。White OwlとRed Foxのみんなは朝から、なんだかそわそわ😚😚😚 さっそく「動物」に関連して面白い実験を始めたようですよ。

Animals from various places in the world

This month, we want to discuss animals from various places in the world.

We started the week by talking about the world, how it spins, how time is different, and seasons too. We looked at different countries on the map and how they had different climates and habitats for animals. We made a big list of animals from different families too, like mammals, birds, fish, and so on.

Our first stop was ASIA. We located it on the map and we thought about the different countries in Asia, like Japan! We saw that Asia is very big, so it will have many different habitats and many different animals.

We talked about different animals that live in Asia, and chose which ones we liked. We began to cut and color them. Little by little, our classroom will transform into the world!



最初の目的地はアジアです。 地図でアジアを探し、日本、アジアのさまざまな国について考えてみました。アジアはとても広いので、さまざまな生息地があり、さまざまな動物がいます。


Could we get through the day without it breaking? Let’s try!

In the meantime, however, we had a different kind of experiment to try. We thought about animal families and endangered animals, and talked about why taking care is important. To test this out, we made small groups (or “families”) who would each be entrusted to take care of a real egg.

The rules were simple: do whatever you want to protect your egg until the end of the day. There was one exception, though. If you leave your egg unattended, then Mr. Sean would snatch it up, and it would be gone.

It didn’t seem so hard at first, but as soon as we needed to go to the restroom, or do writing, or visit the park, we really needed to think about how to take care of it! Quickly, we saw different teams use unique ideas: some passed the egg between them and took turns, some kept the egg protected on their body or in their pocket, and some made a nest to keep their egg from rolling around.





All attention was on the eggs at the park.

When we visited the park, all attention was on the eggs. We couldn’t be careless, or it would soon crack! Each family took turns playing and taking care. What it meant to “take care” was different for everyone.

Inevitably, some eggs were damaged. However, we couldn’t give up! Even with cracked eggs, we would have to double our efforts and make sure it didn’t get worse. All through the day, we needed to solve little problems to protect our “babies”.



In the end, all but one of the eggs suffered cracks.

But they remained mostly intact, and we learned a lot about how to take care! We discussed what was difficult, how we went about solving the problems, and how we could improve next time.

It seemed that most of the accidents happened when passing the egg off to someone else in the group.
Next time, we would be careful to hand it nicely and gently, and to make sure the other person is aware.

To those with little brothers or sisters on the way, make sure you take extra care with them!

That’s all for now. Take care in the hot weather, and see you next time!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Berridge Sean








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