Happy Mother’s Day!

White Owl/Red Fox

This week, we did many things. I will try and quickly go through some of them.

We began our flower duty. So far, four different groups have taken turns taking care of the plants. We saw how they were growing and sprouting. We knew that before long, they would start to really grow big!

We practiced pianica! As you know, each Wednesday from now on will be pianica class.Hopefully by the time the winter assembly comes, we will be able to play some good songs for you!

We started to discuss the five senses!

People have more than five senses, but we focused on the five we can most easily recognize in our daily life: sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. We introduced them by comparing them to animals, who rely on their senses to survive. They need to escape predators and catch prey every day!

We need our eyes to do important things too. We looked at how many animals cannot see all the colors we can, and other special kinds of eyes.

We saw how we need two eyes for depth perception. It was difficult to touch two pencils together with only one eye! We tried reading from an eye chart from far away. It’s important to take care of your vision!



ピアニカの練習をしました!ご存知の通り、これから毎週水曜日はピアニカの授業です。 冬の集会が来る頃には、良い曲を演奏できるようになっているといいなと思います!

五感の話も始めました! 五感とは、視覚、味覚、触覚、聴覚、嗅覚の5つのことを指します。視覚、味覚、触覚、聴覚、嗅覚の5つの感覚を、動物に例えて紹介しました。彼らは毎日、捕食者から逃れ、獲物を捕らえる必要があります!



We will continue this topic for the next couple weeks. Next time it will be hearing. Keep your ears open for that!

Finally, the reveal of our secret craft: it was a present for Mother’s Day!

Are you surprised? We used paper clay to form shapes, and then used a cookie cutter stencil to form the heart. We needed to make the hole with a straw, and stamp it too. We let it dry, and then we were able to design it with many colors. We gave it a coat of varnish, and then it was complete.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!
Thank you for taking care of your child each and every day.

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Berridge Sean





Blue Bird

Happy Mother’s Day!

We love our moms and grandmothers too! We are happy to have them. We are always thankful for them.

Let’s have fun and appreciate the present that they have for you. We did it here!
Thank you very much!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Maris


私たちもお母さんやおばあちゃんが大好きです! 私たちはみんなといることを幸せに思っています。私たちはいつもお母さんに感謝しています。子どもたちが持っているプレゼントを理解して、楽しく過ごしてくださいね。私たちはここでその母の日のプレゼントを作ったんですから。ありがとうございます!

Yellow kangaroo

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Yellow Kangaroos spent the day making gifts for their mothers. Every day, little by little, it was completed (^-^

今週、Yellow Kangarooは母の日にお母さんに大好きを伝えようと、その小さな手は毎日忙しく動かされました。粘土遊びやひも通しの活動、お母さんへのプレゼントを作成することができました。毎日少しづつ形を作り、毎日少しづつ色を塗り、毎日少しづつそれは完成していきました。

いつもお母さんとお父さんのことお話しながら歌う「Skinnamarink – I Love You!」♪


International Preschool CHES
Deputy head teacher
(Elementary School English Teaching License)
Masami Morimoto




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