Sweet Potato Digging at CHES Garden(お庭でサツマイモ!)

White Owl Class

This week has only had two days, but we’ve done a lot already.

Today, we were finally able to dig up the sweet potatoes we had been waiting for. The ground had dried and we made our way to the garden to see what had grown.

The garden was almost overgrown with leaves and vines.

The first thing we needed to do was take our scissors and cut away the stems. We needed to take care not to hurt ourselves with the scissors, and only cut away what we needed to.

After we cleared out the leaves and put them away into the “burnable” garbage bag, we were able to see the soil. It didn’t look like much was there, but with a little digging, we soon saw the treasure hidden underneath!

Thankfully we had our gloves and smocks, because it didn’t take long to get dirty. We dug our hands into the soil to find the sweet potatoes, and then scooped away the dirt to more easily pull them up.

We found many of different sizes, and dug them all up! It was a lot of fun to find so many potatoes in the soil.

After a couple of weeks, maybe we can try the taste as well?

Make sure you wash your gloves and smocks!

International Preschool CHES
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Berridge Sean

Blue Bird/Red Fox Class

Hello! The weather was nice today. It was good timing to dig in the soil for the sweet potatoes! We found a lot!

Digging is a good experience for the kids. We can find “gold” in the soil – the sweet potatoes!

We followed the correct ways to do it. Use the scissors to cut the vines or the stalk.

These are the golds in the soil. So many!

Yesterday, we had our Turkey Craft. We had the chance to discuss to whom we can say “thank you”.

First of all, our family with grandpa and grandma then our friends. Thank you everybody! We also talked about turkey. The parts of it and the sound of it. It says “gobble, gobble”.

Today, we enjoyed coloring our thanksgiving papers today. We wrote “Happy Thanksgiving” by ourselves.

Let us have fun tomorrow – we can celebrate with family and friends. But be careful, it will be a rainy day tomorrow.

Advance Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for everything!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher

Yellow Kangaroo Class

まだハサミを上手に使えないYellow Kangarooのみんなは、お芋ほりが終わったあとのCHES Gardenで、お砂あそびを楽しむことに。

Blue Bird、Red Fox、White Owlの泥だらけになりながら、一生懸命「宝探し」をしている嬉しそうな笑顔をみていたYellow  Kangarooも、同じように泥だらけw CHESはみんなで平和で穏やかな秋の一日を満喫することができました。Yellow  Kangarooも来年はお姉ちゃん・お兄ちゃんにまじってお芋ほりに参加できるかな。

International Preschool CHES
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(Elementary School English Teaching License)
Masami Morimoto

White Owl Class









Blue Bird/Red Fox Class

こんにちは。今日はお天気が良かったので サツマイモの土掘りをするには良いタイミングでしたね!

たくさん見つかりましたよ。子供たちにとって、掘ることは良い経験です。土の中から “金 “であるサツマイモを見つけることができるのです!


昨日は、ターキークラフトを行いました。誰に「ありがとう」を伝えるか、話し合う機会を持ちました。まず、おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんのいる家族、そして友達。みんなありがとう! また、七面鳥の話もしました。七面鳥の部位と鳴き声。ゴボッ、ゴボッ」と言います。

今日はサンクスギビングの色紙を楽しみました。自分たちで “Happy Thanksgiving “と書きました。明日も楽しく過ごそうね~家族や友達とお祝いできるね。でも、明日は雨の日だから気をつけてね。

Advance Happy Thanksgiving! 私たちはすべてに感謝しています。

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