Father’s Day and the Good Friend Board!(父の日と仲良しボード!)

Good morning, and happy belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so!

‘Red Fox’ and ‘White Owl’ certainly had a good week, preparing gifts, making crafts, and talking about our families. We tried lots of different things from painting to pasting to folding paper.

For example, our Father’s Day craft was a coaster that we needed to decorate!

Here are the steps we took:

  1. Using colored markers, write a message to dad!
  2. Using tape to block out lines, paint the opposite side of the coaster! Be careful not to get any on yourself!
  3. After waiting for it to dry, peel off the tape and take a look at your masterpiece!

I hope you enjoyed your gift!

In addition to that, we made some other things, too. We were certainly very busy! We finished up preparations for the Little Hands bazaar…

…making all our flower pots look great! Make sure to stop by and take a look!

We also finished our house craft, and added them to our growing collection in our scrapbook. How many different rooms can you see?

Finally, we took some time to discuss what it means to be a good friend with each other. Yes, we are all friends at CHES, but that’s not just a name. Being friends means we need to think about others and be thoughtful and kind.

‘Red Fox’ and ‘White Owl’ thought about what might be some important guidelines for being a good friend, and added them to the Good Friend Board!

These are the ideas they came up with:

Good Friend Board

  1. Say “Hello”
  2. Helping with work
  3. Sharing toys
  4. Sharing pencils
  5. Walking nicely together
  6. Playing nicely
  7. Saying “I’m sorry”
  8. Asking

Asking is important! Asking your friend if they need help, or if they’re happy, or anything at all is a great way to become better friends!

Of course, we did other things last week too.

  1. – We played in the park on the sunny days.
  2. – We studied the “Do Re Mi” song in English using flashcards.
  3. – We had singing class and PE class.
  4. – We continued studying English literacy.
  5. – We read stories and played games.
  6. – We celebrated birthdays.
  7. – We had some great show and tells.

And we had fun!

That’s all for now.

This week, we will continue to talk about things we love. This time, we need to think about what it means to love ourselves. How can we take care of our own body?

See you next time!

おはようございます! 遅ればせながら、すべてのお父さま、父の日おめでとうございます! 良い週末を過ごされましたか? そうだといいのですが!?

Red Fox(年中)、 White Owl(年長)クラスは、(父の日の)プレゼントを準備したり、工作をしたり、家族について話したり、本当に良い一週間でした。ペイントや貼り絵、折り紙など、いろいろなことに挑戦しました。


3) 乾くのを待って、テープをはがし、完成です。

プレゼントは喜んでもらえましたか? そのほかにも、いろいろなものを作りました。大忙しでした。

「Little Hands Project for Ukraine」のバザーの準備も終わったし…。(苗をいれる)カップも素敵に仕上がりました。(バザーに)ぜひ、お立ち寄りください。



Red FoxとWhite Owlのクラスでは、良い友だちになるための大切なガイドラインは何だろうと考え、Good Friend Boardに書き加えました。みんなで考えたのは、このようなことでした。


1) 「こんにちは」と言う
3) おもちゃを共有する
4) えんぴつを分け合う
5) 仲良く歩く
6) 仲良く遊ぶ
7) 「ごめんね」を言う
8) たずねる



– 晴れた日には公園で遊びました。
– ドレミの歌をフラッシュカードで勉強しました。
– 歌のクラスと体育のクラスがありました。
– 英語の読み書きの勉強を続けました。
– 物語を読んだり、ゲームをしたりしました。
– 誕生日のお祝いをしました。
– 素晴らしい「Show & Tell」もありました。




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