9月のCHESは「地球」をTopicにしてきましたが、いよいよ最終週。月末には「地球にやさしく」をテーマにBlue Bird(年少)クラスからWhite Owl(年長)クラスまでの園児は近隣の清掃活動に出かけました。改めて注目してみると、普段遊びにいく公園にもかなりゴミが落ちていることにびっくり。はりきってみんなでゴミ拾いをしてくれました。

Today was our long-awaited Clean Up Drive!

After talking for a few weeks about what we can do to help the Earth, it was time to put one of them into practice. We brought gloves to keep our hands from getting dirty, and discussed how important it was to take care while outside. Then, after planning our route together, it was time to partner up and head out!


We headed out onto the streets.

With our gloves on and our plan decided, we headed out onto the streets.

We began by walking up the road, keeping our eyes open for any discarded trash or litter. We checked the gutters and other hidden areas that might be overlooked. In no time at all, we were filling up our bags with all kinds of trash!

We found discarded cigarettes, masks, paper, cans, bottles, batteries, and more! We used tongs for things we couldn’t reach or shouldn’t touch, and our gloves for everything else.

People who passed us told us “Otsukaresama!”  They were thankful for our hard work.



After cleaning up the streets

After cleaning up the streets around CHES, we moved on to small park nearby.

We checked the upper area for trash, but made sure to take a drink break before continuing our job. We were surprised to find even more garbage in the park. It was a good reminder for us to throw our garbage away properly, and to tell others, even our friends, not to litter if we see them doing it!

We did our part to clean up our neighborhood. We were very proud of ourselves to fill up a whole bag and a half with garbage in only one hour! We made a promise to clean up again if we get the chance.



Good work everyone!

Remember, take care when cleaning up by yourself. You should not be touching garbage with your bare hands. I know we want to clean up everything we can, but we should always take care and clean up when it is appropriate.

Good work everyone! Blue Bird did a good job keeping up with everyone else. We had a lot of fun working together and made a difference.

Mr. Sean and Ms. Dilara


みんなよくできました! Blue Bird(年少)クラスのみんなも上級生のクラスにうまくしたがい、みんなで協力するのはとても楽しかったし、成果を上げることができました。

Yellow Kangaroo Class

CHES Parkで来年の「Clean Up Drive」に参加できるように、ゴミ分別をゲーム感覚で楽しんでいたYellow Kangarooは、練習に少し飽きたようで、すっかりきれいになったCHES Parkでのんびりです。



育児・教育環境として、なぜ?  CHESなのか。1歳半からの「英語で」ひらく子どもたちの未来について詳しくお話したいと思います。



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