Five Senses Wrap-up! Extra Senses and more

We had an exciting and busy week here at the end of May. With us learning so much about our body and our feelings, we had a lot to review! We spent the week making crafts, art, and more based on the five senses.

First of all, our reports.

We finished off the reports for our smelling experiment. Did you see it? We made sure to write clearly and explain how the experience was. Which thing do you think smelled the best?


まずは、レポートです。匂いを嗅ぐ実験のレポートが完成しました。ご家庭で見ていただけましたか? どのような体験だったのか、わかりやすく書くことを心がけました。どれが一番いい匂いだと思いましたか?

That was just the beginning!

When we started the new week, we first made a mini-book about our five senses. It had vocabulary and ideas from things we talked about earlier in the month. It was also a good warm-up for scissors. We would be using scissors a lot this week!

Following instructions is important, and we needed to make sure we did it carefully and nicely. With scissors, if we make a mistake, it could hurt us or someone else. We did our best to listen and make the correct cuts and folds.

Another thing we learned about was that we don’t only have five senses! We have lots of extra senses too, but they are not as easy to see or think about… We talked about our sense of hunger and thirst, pain or itchiness, balance, temperature, and even how we can feel where our hands are when our eyes are shut!

それはほんの序の口でした! 新しい週が始まると、まず、五感についてのミニブックを作りました。この本には、その月の初めに話した語彙やアイデアが盛り込まれています。また、ハサミのウォーミングアップにもなりました。今週はハサミをたくさん使う予定です!



Yes, there’s a brain in there!

We had more conversations about our body too. We talked about the outside parts and the inside parts (organs), as well as the food and drink we put inside! We learned that we had to take care of bodies, and listen to it just like we listen to another person.

Our next task was to make an interactive flipbook that had examples of all our 5 senses.

That is, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. We colored it, read it, cut it out, and stapled it together in a way we could customize it.

そう、そこには脳があるのです! 私たちの体についても、もっと会話をしました。外側のパーツと内側のパーツ(臓器)、そして中に入れる食べ物や飲み物のことを話しました!人の話を聞くのと同じように、体も大切にしなければならないことを学びました。


But that’s okay, because we have funny faces too.

We weren’t finished with that, though. Our final task was to make a face that would represent our senses. This time, we would put it in our scrapbooks to remember the subject. We started by making the face shape as a base.

Using construction paper, we made our own eye, ear, nose, and tongue shapes. We needed to think about how they look in real life, and where is a good place to put them on the face. We ended up with some funny faces!

You might have noticed that we are missing a sense!

We needed to add on a hand to complete the set. We used our own hands as a model to trace, and then cut it out.

With that, we can wrap-up the lesson on five senses! We will start a whole new unit on Everything We Love in June. Let’s enjoy the first of the summer months.

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これで、五感のレッスンは終了です!6月からは、「Everything We Love」の全く新しいユニットが始まります。初夏を楽しみましょう。






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