Aren’t our bodies amazing? Sounds, Smells and Taste

Sounds and Smells

As the month of May slowly comes to a close, so are all of our five senses experiments. We already discussed sight, hearing, and touch. That means that smelling is next on the list!

Smelling is an interesting sense, because it doesn’t seem so important at first. However, it is important to many animals, such as dogs, who can’t see so well. What about people? What do we use our noses for?

Before trying anything to do with smelling though, we reviewed our bodies, brains, and some of the other experiments that were incomplete.

We learned about the nervous system, and talked about why we can feel with every part of our body. Even our noses! Why it is important to have nerves is the same reason we feel pain, and the same reason we can smell yucky things: it keeps us safe!

5月も終わりに近づき、私たちの五感の実験もすべて終了しました。視覚、聴覚、触覚についてはすでに説明しました。つまり、次は「嗅覚」です! 嗅覚というのは面白い感覚で、最初はあまり重要視されないようです。しかし、犬など、目がよく見えない多くの動物にとっては重要な感覚です。では、人間はどうでしょう。私たちは何のために鼻を使うのでしょうか?



One experiment we revisited was the eardrum experiment.

We rebuilt our eardrum model using part of a plastic bottle. We found a song with a strong bass sound and put the eardrum on the speaker. Then, we put tiny pieces of dry rice on the eardrum. Could we make the rice move with only sound?

Yes! As the song began, we saw the rice moving slightly. Then, as the sound got louder and stronger, the rice moved so much it fell off the eardrum! We felt like we were moving the rice with our minds…



そうです!曲が始まると、お米が少し動くのが見えました。そして、音が大きくなって強くなると、鼓膜から落ちるほどお米が動いたのです! 私たちは、まるで心でお米を動かしているような気がしました…。

But now, back to our sense of smell.

We knew the nose was important to smell good or bad smells. We made a list of things that might smell yucky, or might smell good. We saw that lots of the good things were food, and lots of the bad things were yucky or dangerous, like garbage or car exhaust. Our noses can point to what is safe for our bodies, most of the time!



We decided to put our new knowledge to the test.

Our smell test was comprised of a series of unmarked containers, each with a number. We had to smell each one, say if it smelled good or bad, and try and guess what was in each one.

We were very excited at first, but as we went around to smell everything… wow! We got surprised by how strong the smells were!

This was a good chance to learn that not everyone has the same opinions. Some smells that one person really likes, someone else maybe doesn’t. That’s why it’s important to listen to what our friends say, and be sensitive to how they feel.

Let’s smell! We had quite a few different reactions!



最初はドキドキしていたのですが、匂いを嗅いで回ると…あら不思議! あまりの強いにおいに驚きました!


さあ、嗅いでみましょう! かなりいろいろなリアクションがありましたよ。

The next and final one on the list was taste.

We started by reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar story. Of course, everyone knows the book well, but we looked at it from a different angle. We said, “The caterpillar ate many things. What kind of tastes do you think the caterpillar likes?”

We noticed the caterpillar ate a lot of fruit… and candy… and cake… and cupcakes. And even ice cream! Yes! The caterpillar likes sweet things!

We learned about many kinds of tastes, like sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter, and umami. We even added some other ones, like juicy! We learned about what our tongues do, and even why they stay in our mouths.





Then, it was time to have a taste test.

Everyone received two small piles of white granules. We knew one was salt, and one was sugar… but which one? We had some ideas, but we couldn’t be sure just from looking. They didn’t have much of a smell… The only way to know for sure would be… to taste them!

We tried one, and then the other. Sure enough, we knew the difference right away!

“This one tastes like ice cream!” “This one tastes like fried potatoes!” We got it! We knew ice cream was sweet, so that one must be sugar.
And fried potatoes were salty, so there’s the salt! In no time at all, we knew exactly what each one was. That’s the power of our tongues!

With that, we’ve come to the end of our mini unit on the five senses. We will review it next week and talk again about the power of our bodies.

  1. With our eyes, we can see the world around us.
  2. With our ears, we can hear our friends.
  3. With our hands, we can feel our way around.
  4. With our nose, we can smell many wonderful things.
  5. And with our tongues, we can taste all kinds of food!

Aren’t our bodies amazing?

That’s all for now. Thank you for continuing to enjoy this journey with us! I look forward to what new and exciting things we will experience in June and beyond. See you next time!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Berridge Sean


みんなは、白い粒状の小山を2つ受け取ります。ひとつは塩、ひとつは砂糖とわかりましたが、どちらが塩? どちらが砂糖? どっちなんでしょう?匂いもあまりしないし……。確かめるには…味見をしてみるしかない!


これはアイスクリームの味がする!」「これはフライドポテトの味がする!」。”こっちはフライドポテトの味がする” という具合に!アイスクリームは甘いから、これは砂糖の味だ。そして、フライドポテトは塩味だから、塩だ!という具合に、あっという間にそれぞれの正体がわかってしまったのです。これが舌の力なんです!

これで、五感のミニユニットが終了しました。 来週は、その復習を兼ねて、改めて「体の力」についてお話しします。








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