The end of November! Mayonnaise, Mold, and more!

Hello everyone! It’s Friday today, and the end of the week. I hope you are all keeping warm. The weather is quite cold all of a sudden.

This week was exciting for us because we had many fun things lined up.


Our experiments with eggs and vinegar lead to something new: mayonnaise! Are you surprised? Yes, the ingredients of mayonnaise contains both eggs and vinegar, two things we already used.

Making Mayonnaise!

After talking about food and cooking for so long, it was about time we actually made something. We followed the recipe piece by piece, and we could see exactly what was going into our food.


After lunch, we tried cucumber slices with our homemade mayonnaise on top. 9 out of 10 CHES students agree… it was delicious!!


That wasn’t the end of our experiments, though. Because our topic was on germs and food, we had to talk about mold. Mold is a kind of germ that lands on food and eats it. It spreads, making the food yucky. It can spread in your house too, so be careful.

What we wanted to do was see if we could make mold grow in a controlled environment. We prepared some special jars filled with gelatin and sugar to see if we could get mold to grow.

To encourage it, we decided to add some germs from different places and see if one of them made it grow faster. We took a sample from everyone’s hands, from Mr. Sean’s mouth, and from the table top and door handle.

Which do you think has the most germs?

It’s only been a few days, so no mold has appeared yet. We will check again next week, so stay tuned!

Let’s make strong teeth!

We had another special guest this week as well! This time, A-chan’s parents visited and gave us an interesting lesson on oral hygiene and why we need to brush our teeth.

Brushing our teeth is important because our teeth are important! We should protect them like any other part of our body. We learned what foods are the best to eat to prevent cavities, and even how to hold a toothbrush properly.

Are you brushing every day at home?

We also saw the dentist’s version of the egg and vinegar experiment! Because the shell of an egg has calcium, like teeth, we can see what might happen to your teeth if something wants to eat away at it. The egg with fluoride was more protected than the other egg. Visiting a dentist for cleaning is a good idea!

We finished off the week with plenty of Christmas songs, dances, and more.

It was a lot of fun talking about food and what goes on in our bodies, but with November finished, it’s time to move on.

Let’s enjoy this season together!

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Berridge Sean




卵とお酢の実験から、マヨネーズという新しいものが生まれました! 驚きましたか? マヨネーズの材料には、卵とお酢が使われているのです。










Let’s make strong teeth!

今週もスペシャルゲストが来てくれました! 今回はMちゃんのご両親が来てくださり、口腔衛生についてや、なぜ歯を磨かなければならないかについて、興味深いお話をしてくださいました。







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