The “stop motion” movie(アニメを作ってみた!)

Good evening everyone!

Red Fox and White Owl have had a productive month. We’ve been quite busy with all the different ways we can show our imagination. Creativity has no limits, so we never know what we can expect.

The big project for this month was of course the “stop motion” movie we were filming. Titled “The Princess and the Shark”, this movie spanned three whole weeks of work, and 9 major scenes. It was a lot of fun to plan everything at the beginning of the month, and then slowly complete everything piece by piece.

Early on, after choosing the story and the characters, we assigned “scene leaders” to do filming and design backgrounds. Red Fox and White Owl teamed up, and would need to communicate to delegate work and to make something that looked nice.

Even choosing the name took some compromise. We needed to look at other stories and how they named them. It was interesting to think about decisions we normally wouldn’t even consider until we do something.

We had meetings with scene leaders to discuss what characters would be involved and what needed to be made. Red Fox and White Owl had full control over what was in each scene. If we wanted to make something difficult, like an underwater helicopter or an exploding Jack o’ lantern, then we would discuss what we needed to make it happen.

The most important part, of course, was the filming. We needed to take care to not bump the camera, put our hands in the frame, make too many shadows, and many other things! It was difficult to be so careful, but we were all able to do it. Each child was a leader of a different scene, and everyone took turns moving the characters to make the movie.

After filming was done, our next big step was voice work. Each team had a vocal script, and we needed to do our best reading, along with our best acting, to make it sound good.

In a big circle, everyone read the lines of the story. Which ones would they play? They discussed it together and chose what they wanted to try. We recorded their voices on a device, and saved them for later editing.

After that, it was all done!

We sat down today and watched it. It looked great! It was fun to hear our voices, and see the scenes that we designed from the ground up.

Good work, everyone!

The finished version of “The Princess and the Shark” can be found here:

(いまどきちょっとしたアプリを使えば、もっとお手軽にかっこよいアニメを作ることもできるのですが、Mr. Seanは、アニメの仕組みを子どもたちがより良く理解できるようにと、あえて1枚1枚のStop Motionを積み上げていく作業を選択し、子どもたちと一緒に作品を作り上げてくれました。なんと、撮影枚数は800枚超え! こんな壮大なプロジェクトはCHES史上初かもw ぜひ、お楽しみください)

Of course, we were busy doing other things too in October.

Despite the changing weather, we still tried to get outside as much as we could. There was enough sun to keep us warm while running and playing.

We were also able to visit small park and find some acorns. Because the weather is getting colder, more things are falling down from the trees as they prepare for winter. Is that why we call it fall?

We also saw some acorns with holes in them. Why do you think they had holes? Was something eating them? Or living inside them?

And of course, since October is the month of Halloween, we made sure to tell our fair share of scary stories. We did creative writing among the children, writing more of their own stories, but we also read books about monsters and witches to spark the imagination.

If you ask everyone’s favorite monster from the monster book, I’m sure you will get a good response!

We also prepared for the Halloween party tomorrow!

We made our trick-or-treating bags and designed them with various characters. We even added our own handles!

I think that’s all for now.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s costumes tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher
Berridge Sean


Red FoxとWhite Owlのクラスは、今月も充実した日々を過ごしています。私たちは想像力を発揮するための様々な方法でかなり忙しくしてきました。創造力には限界がないので、何が起こるかわかりません。


ストーリーやキャラクターを決めてから、撮影や背景のデザインを担当する「シーンリーダー」を決めていきました。Red FoxとWhite Owlが組んで、仕事を任せたり、見栄えのするものを作ったりと、コミュニケーションをとりながら進めていきました。


どんなキャラクターが登場するのか、何を作るのか、シーンリーダーと打ち合わせをしました。Red FoxとWhite Owlは、それぞれのシーンの内容を完全にコントロールすることができました。水中ヘリコプターや爆発するジャック・オー・ランタンなど、難しいものを作りたい場合は、それを実現するために必要なものを話し合います。













Little Parkに行き、どんぐりを見つけることもできました。寒くなってきたので、冬に備えて木から落ちているものが増えてきました。だから秋というのでしょうか。









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