今回のCHES夏休みホリデー・クラスのTOPICは“Shapes Around Us”。身の回りにある「パズル」や「クッキー」、「おにぎり」を自分たちで作って「形」を確認。さらに年長クラスでは平面にとどまらず、立体の形にまでどんどん広がっていきました。

ホリデー・クラス期間中には、台風が関西を直撃。残念ながらお天気には恵まれなかったのですが、最終日はお楽しみのshaved ice partyで5日間のホリデー・クラスを締めくくることができました。


Thank you to everyone who joined us this year. We had a lot of fun and learned all about shapes, while having a great time. We managed to enjoy both the outside and inside, and explored some new ideas with our friends.

Today, we had a fun circle time where we reviewed everything we learned. We talked about why shapes might be important or useful, and played a game where we tried describing them to friends.



Finally, we got to play in the park together again.

We enjoyed playing our shape game and running circles around the slider. We also played a game where we had to balance our spheres on our cones! We broke into teams and ran quickly while balancing.

It was very close, and both teams got points. Well done!


After going back and having lunch, we wrapped up our final worksheet.

We read about “weird shapes”, and even tried making our own. We can learn a lot about shapes together in class, but there will always be more that we don’t know the names of. That’s okay! That just means there is much more to discover.


The final activity we had (before the party!) was to complete our murals!

We used shapes we learned about and cut and traced them. We worked in teams, and talked to each other about what we wanted to make with shapes.

We created landscapes, cities, vehicles, food, and so much more! In no time, the murals were complete! What a good representation of everything we’ve seen so far. And that’s it! That’s everything we did in class.



All that was left was to have a shaved ice party!

We went downstairs and tried out the machine. We enjoyed the cool food in the hot weather. What a good end to the week! Thank you so much for joining us! We look forward to seeing you again next time.

Hopefully you can make good use of the remaining days of your summer holiday. Take care in the hot weather, and look for shapes where ever you go!

See you next time! Mr. Sean and Ms. Dilara



Younger Kids –  Star Team

Today is our last day and we had all the shapes. We made our train shapes craft. We combined all of them. We pasted each shape accordingly. We did it well!


In our circle time, we played ball games with balloons and others. It was fun. Kids enjoyed it! We never forget to sing and dance happily.


Finally, on the last part, the Shaved Ice Event!

We had 3 colors blue, red and green. Shaved Ice is very cool and fit in this kind of weather. It was hot!


We would like to thank all of you for joining the CHES Summer Class this year.
We hope that everyone had a wonderful week. 5 days is quite fast for us. We learned a lot from each other.


We would like to see you again and new kids can join the “evening classes” anytime. Please inquire and we will check the schedule.

Once again, thank you very much!

Ms Maris and Ms Irene




  1. ぎゅっぎゅっと一定期間、「英語環境」を体験できること。
  2. 幅広い年齢層の「たてわり」集団活動を英語で体験できること。
  3. 身近で興味のあるTOPICだから、日本語、英語にかかわらず、お友だちの知的好奇心を刺激する。



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