Our topic is “Everything I Love”

In class, we moved properly into June! We had a new song to practice, a new topic to follow, and more… We already knew all we could learn about our five senses. Time for something new!

In June, our topic is “Everything I Love”. That means, we needed to discuss what love means first!

We made a scale from love to like, neutral things, and things we don’t like. We added scary things to the list too, since that is a strong feeling as well! We looked at what we had by the end.
For “love”, most of our answers were people. We love our families and friends.
For “like”, we had many different things, from food to animals to toys and more.

クラスは、6月にすっかり移行しました! 新しい歌を練習したり、新しいトピックを追ったり……と、いろいろなことをしました。五感については、もう知り尽くしています。新しいことを学ぶ時間です!

6月のトピックは “Everything I Love”。つまり、まず「愛」とは何かについて話し合う必要があります。


Sometimes, love can just mean you like something a lot. Sometimes it’s more than that, and it means we care about something very deeply.

We decided to make a decoration in class: a rainbow of all the things we love! In order to do that, though, we needed to plan ahead. We started to make a list of things we loved the most.

In Red Fox and White Owl, whenever they get a chance to color freely, they draw rainbows. I decided that they really love rainbows. That’s why we chose a rainbow to represent our feelings!



Red FoxとWhite Owlのクラスでは、自由に色を塗る機会があると、いつも虹を描きます。みんな本当に虹が好きなんだなと思いました。だから、私たちの気持ちを表すために虹を選ぶことにしました。

Using the guide paper, we colored six hearts red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We would write down our ideas, and then transfer them onto a paper heart!

To make the heart, we needed to fold the paper in half and draw a certain shape. If we drew it correctly and cut on the correct side, the result would make a nice heart! We worked for a little while, making different colored hearts and writing what we loved on them.

型紙を使って、赤、オレンジ、黄、緑、青、紫の6つの色のハートをつくりました。私たちは自分のアイデアを書き留め、それをハートに書き写していきます! ハートを作るには、紙を半分に折って、ある形を描かなければなりません。正しく描いて、正しい面で切れば、素敵なハートになるんです。私たちは少しの間、さまざまな色のハートを作り、そこに自分の好きなことを書いていきました。

Before long, we had a whole collection!

Our personal rainbows will be added to our scrapbooks eventually. For now, though, they needed to be part of our rainbow of love! We put them on the wall, piece by piece, making a beautiful work of art.

Our rainbow will stay up for the duration of the month to remind us all the things we love.

We can also remember how we helped each other to make the hearts, to write, and to think of ideas. It will be a good reminder as we continue to study.

Next, we are going to revisit an old favorite in the Glad Monster, Sad Monster book! The pink monster was always feeling loving…

Take care, and see you next time!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Berridge Sean

まもなく全コレクションが揃いました! 私たちの虹は、いずれスクラップブックに追加されることでしょう。でも今は、私たちの愛の虹の一部である必要があるのです!一枚一枚、壁に貼っていき、美しいアート作品に仕上げました。この虹は、今月の間、私たちが愛するものすべてを思い出させてくれるでしょう。


次に、「Glad Monster, Sad Monster」の本の中で、昔からのお気に入りをもう一度見てみましょう!ピンクのモンスターは、いつもラブラブな気分でした…。







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