Using all of our senses, Fire Dill, and more! (5感を使う。避難訓練。そして…)

Good afternoon and welcome to the end of the week!

It was a busy week this time with lots of activities. As usual, we had a lot of fun too.

The weather was nice as well, so we were able to go to the park and have fun. It’s not yet summer, but we can still find some bugs here and there.

We are also making sure to practice lining up properly and nicely. Especially for “White Owl” who will be graduating in March, we should have good manners for when we move on to elementary school.

When we go to the park, it’s especially important to listen, think, and act appropriately. Let’s practice and do our best!

This week, we had a fire drill as well. It’s important to always remember what to do in the case of an emergency. Firefighters can help us, but it takes time for them to arrive.

What do we need to do right away?

  1. Listen to your teacher, and don’t panic.
  2. Keep your head down and cover your mouth and nose from smoke.
  3. Move to a low place, like CHES park.

Ms. Masami showed us what happens when paper or something else flammable burns. Lots of smoke came out!

Also this week, we finished testing all of our senses!

On Monday, we finished the touch test using blindfolds.

On Tuesday, we did the smell test!

Inside the jars were different smelling things. Could we figure out what was in each of them without seeing the label?

Some of them smelled good! Sweet, or even spicy.

Some of them smelled not so good! Too sour, or some other strange smells.

But, we were pretty good at guessing what was inside.

Whew! That’s strong!

We knew how useful our noses could be from smelling the smoke from the fire, but also how easy it was for smoke to go inside.

Don’t get too close to the spicy one! Noses aren’t just for smelling though. They are also used for breathing.

Inside our body, we have lungs — two big organs that act like balloons.

When we breathe in, they get bigger. And when we breathe out, they shrink.We made a model using balloons to show what that was like.

When we pull down, the balloon gets air.

When we push up, the air leaves the balloon!

Our bodies work the same way. We watched a video that showed how our body pushes our lungs up and down even without thinking about it.

That makes it easy to breathe!

Even by ourselves, we could practice breathing for the rest of the week. It was an interesting experiment!

We did lots of other things this week as well, such as writing practice and literacy.

We will continue next week by talking about more of our insides.

We will learn about how we eat food, and digest it!

Please look forward to it.

こんにちは! 週明けもよろしくお願いします。



きちんときれいに並ぶ練習も欠かさず行っています。特に来年3月に卒園するWhite Owlの園児は、小学校に進学した時のためにマナーをしっかり身に付けておかなければなりません。




  1. 先生の話をよく聞いて、あわてないようにする。
  2. 頭を低くして、口と鼻を煙でふさぐ。
  3. CHES-Parkのような低い場所に移動する。









ふーっ きッつゥー!。


辛いものには近づかないように! 鼻は匂いを嗅ぐだけではありません。呼吸にも使われます。












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