Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt

It was a special day, because it was time to celebrate Easter together! Last week, it was rainy, so we were not able to go outside much. Thankfully, the trees were still blooming with cherry blossoms, and we could enjoy some time at the park!

イースターをみんなでお祝いするので、今日は特別な日! 先週は雨が降っていたので、あまり外に出られませんでした。ありがたいことに、まだ桜が咲いていて、公園で楽しむことができました。

This was not just any park visit, though. As you can see, we had our bags with us. We had a special job. We needed to hunt for Easter eggs!


Not the usual Easter eggs, but a scavenger hunt! There were 14 cards hidden around the park, upstairs and down, and we needed to locate as many as we could. Even though we saw a few rights at the start, it took time to find them all!


Time to begin!

We needed to look high and low, near and far. We used our scavenger hunt cards to check when we find something. We could help each other too!  Working together is the key to success.

高いところも低いところも、近くも遠くも探す必要がありました。何かを見つけたら、借り物競争カードで確認します。みんなでお互いに助け合うことができました! 協力することが、成功の鍵です。

We found different egg patterns, tulips, rabbits, and more! What does Easter mean to you?  What about spring?

違う模様の卵やチューリップ、ウサギのイラストなど、いろいろなものを見つけました! あなたにとって、イースターとは何ですか? 春はどうでしょう?

After the hunt was finished, we had a big drink and played for a little bit. We had lots of fun all playing together. Yellow Kangaroo needed to go back to CHES to take a break and eat food. Blue Bird, Red Fox, and White Owl decided to stay!

ハントゲームが終わった後、私たちは飲み物をたくさん飲んで、少し遊びました。みんなで一緒に遊ぶのはとても楽しかったです。Yellow KangarooはCHESの教室に戻って休憩したり、ご飯を食べたりする必要がありました。Blue Bird, Red Fox, and White Owlは公園に残ることにしました!

We had really worked up an appetite! Instead of going back to CHES, we had a picnic in the park!


Lunch Time!

Food tastes so much better when you’re outside. We enjoyed the picnic and managed to do it without spilling too much food. Thank you, mommies and daddies, for packing a nice, easy to eat lunch.


Special Easter Eggs in CHES

With that, all we had left to do was go back to CHES and see if the Easter Bunny brought us a present this year. It turned out to be Ms. Masami, but we did get a present!

さて、あとはCHESに戻り、イースターバニーが今年もプレゼントを持ってきてくれたかどうか確かめるだけです。結局、バニーではなくMs. Masamiが持ってきてくれたのですが、プレゼントはもらえましたよ。

Using our egg tickets, we exchanged them for special Easter eggs in CHES park! We matched the letters together to get our reward. Good job finding all the Easter cards in the park!

エッグチケットを使って、CHESパークにある特別なイースターエッグと交換しました! 文字を組み合わせて、ご褒美をゲットしました。公園でイースターカードを全部見つけたのは偉かったね!

We were very thankful for our presents. We had a lot of fun in the park, we enjoyed our picnic, and we got a present! What a good day!

This was a good way to welcome spring. We saw bugs, flowers, and even petals falling down from above.

I hope everyone enjoys the warm weather for now, before it rains again.

That’s all for now. See you next time!

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