Just in case any Oni appeared…

Hello everyone!

Last week marked the end of January. We had to say goodbye to our vehicles and transportation, but we transitioned into a new topic: jobs! We began to talk everything about people at work, why they work, and everything that entails!

Lucky for us, we got to kick off February with a special guest.

I just hope Ken-chan is okay…

That’s right – the police visited our school, bringing everything from a magic show to a silly friend to a movie about road safety.

We had prepared beforehand with our badges, as well as practicing our own road safety, so we knew how to answer correctly when they were here. It was a very funny presentation, and by the end of it, we learned about how police can keep us safe by informing us about the rules.

Following that was Setsubun.

We prepared similarly by making a special prop, this time our Oni mask headbands! We wore them on Friday and made a bunch of paper “beans” to toss just in case any Oni appeared…

And they did! CHES park was suddenly filled with Oni baskets, and we had to fill them up! We did our best to chase away any bad omens, and hopefully brought us all good luck for the rest of the year.

This week, we continued our theme of jobs.

We talked about many things, including money and salaries, owners and workers, tools and technology, and more!
We also started learned some new songs for a big event that is happening at the end of the year… What could it be?

As the month goes on and we learn more and more about different occupations, let’s keep thinking about what we might want to try when we get older. What job looks interesting to you? The more we learn, the better chance we have of finding something that sparks our interest.

Right now, it looks like “chef” is the most popular in Red Fox and White Owl.
Should we open a restaurant?

That’s all for now.
Take care, and I’ll see you again soon!

International Preschool CHES
English Teacher Berridge Sean





今回は節分にあわせて鬼のお面のかぶりものを特別な小道具として作って準備しました! 金曜日にそれらをかぶって、鬼が現れた場合に備えて投げる紙の「豆」をたくさん作りました…

すると鬼たちは来たのです!  CHESパークがいきなり鬼かごでいっぱいになりました! 私たちはあらゆる悪い兆候を追い払うために最善を尽くし、今年の残りの期間、私たち全員に幸運をもたらしてくれることを願っています。




今、Red FoxとWhite Owlのクラスでは、「シェフ」が一番人気のようです。






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